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Ms. Lori McKeeman is a Science teacher at The Potter's School in Pensacola, Florida. 

Ms. McKeeman earned her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and is currently working on her Master’s degree in health and exercise science. She has been working with youth since 1974 in a variety of capacities, including developing classes for at-risk teens while in college; teaching science, health, and English classes in home school co-ops; leading and teaching 4-H projects; developing home school athletics; and developing a youth street ministry. She has taught international, developmental, and nursing students for a state college in Indiana, where she holds an adjunct instructor certification. Ms. McKeeman has been home schooling since 1985, and her oldest son was of the first home educated students nominated to the USAF Academy.  She teaches General Science, Biology, and Marine Biology with The Potter's School. She is the mother of five, the mother-in-law of two, and the very proud grandmother of seven gorgeous grandchildren. Ms. McKeeman loves long walks on the beach, playing basketball, watching football, baseball, anything outdoors, the Navy Blue Angels, music, being a student pilot, and ballet.  Also, Ms. McKeeman owns a restaurant.  On top of all of that, she does missions work every summer.  In the last four years she has traveled to Israel, Jordan, China, and Puerto Rico as an empty nester. Ms. McKeeman has worked with Holocaust survivors among other things in Israel and young adults in China. She also has shared the gospel in Jordan with Muslims.  As a science teacher and follower of Christ, Ms. McKeeman has a heart for her students and for the spreading of the Gospel.

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