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Pastor Steven Ingino is the Senior Pastor Tuscon, Arizona.  He spoke for CLM on 4/26/14.

Pastor Steve was born in Smithtown, New York, a suburb about an hour east of New York City. The younger of two children, he had an early interest in religion and philosophy since his mother was Jewish and his father was Roman Catholic. In high school he said to himself, “I know there is a God, I just don’t know which to believe in.” 


That began a four year journey of examining the writings and practices of many religions (from Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism to New Age movements). After reading the Bible he was (and still is) in awe of Jesus Christ and was amazed that salvation is a gift, not something that can be earned. He was gripped by God’s grace when he learned that the eternal Son of God took on flesh, was born of a virgin in order to die for our sins on the Cross and was then raised from the dead in order to reconcile us to the Father. After reading passages in the New Testament about salvation by grace through faith in Christ, Steve believed in Jesus Christ and it was as if He jumped out of the pages of the Bible and into his life. 


Steve has been “entranced” with Christ and the Gospel of grace ever since (Eph. 2:8-9; 1 Cor. 15; Acts 20:17-35), wanting others to know about His coming kingdom and the storyline of the Bible and history: Creation, Fall, Redemption, Recreation. 


His passion is for the glory of God to be magnified in every sphere of life, to know Christ and make Him known. He graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master's degree (Th.M., with an emphasis in Greek, Hebrew, Hermeneutics, Theology, and Pastor Leadership) and earned his doctorate from The Master’s Seminary (with an emphasis in expository preaching). Steve felt called into ministry shortly after he was saved (1995) and was ordained as a minister in 2005. 


He has served at churches in New York, Dallas, Virginia, and served at a new church plant in Minnesota. As the Senior Pastor of Catalina Foothills Presbyterian Chruch, Pastor Steve focuses on preaching, teaching, vision-casting, and  discipleship. Pastor Steve has also led a number of study trips to Israel, Greece, and Rome. Steve is married to Bridgett (whom he calls “the most beautiful woman inside and out”). They have three children – Isaiah, Joshua, and Karis. 


Who are some of your favorite authors?

Well, I love to read, so it’s hard to narrow that down. I enjoy the works of John Piper, John Stott, Peter O’Brien, J. I. Packer, Tony Evans, James Boice, David Garland, Douglas Moo, Warren Wiersbe, R. Kent Hughes, Leon Morris, Thomas Schreiner, Allen Ross, Walton & Hill, Bruce Demarest, John Feinberg, Wayne Grudem, Graeme Goldsworthy, Vaughan Roberts, D. A. Carson, Tim Keller, F. F. Bruce, Randy Alcorn, Tullian Tchividjian, John MacArthur, Tom Constable, C. S. Lewis, Bryan Chapell, Tedd and Paul Tripp. 


What are you most passionate about in ministry?

I have a big passion for gospel-centered expository preaching, for people to hear and understand the Bible as God communicated it. That’s why I’m committed to teaching verse-by-verse through books of the Bible, and doing the hard work of exegetical analysis, theological reflection, and applying the intent of the passage to myself and the congregation. I also have a passion for apologetics and reaching the lost with the gospel. In fact, one of the greatest joys I've known was leading my parents to Christ about three years after I was saved. I also a huge heart for children and the family, which usually manifests itself through discipling parents and helping them see what the Bible says about parenting. 


I wrote a book entitled, Parenting: 7 Essentials for Children, because I believe the family in American is in crisis and Christians must follow God's instructions for the sake of this and the next generation. I love seeing people equipped to reach the world for Christ and forming relationships in the church that bring blessings to others. At the end of the day, I want to live my life to the glory of God, to help people enter into a relationship with Christ, and to build up the church with the Word of God. 


What do you do for fun? Hobbies? Interests?

I love spending time with my family. The boys and I have a lot of fun playing, wrestling, etc., and going to places they enjoy, like the train at Pinnacle Peak or parks. Karis is daddy's little girl, and I love playing games with her as well. I really like cooking because it gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment. In ministry, everything is a process, you’ve never arrived, there’s always more to do, we’re all works in progress. With cooking, I make a meal, it’s done, people eat it, seem to enjoy it (sometimes!), and there’s a sense of gratification in that, a tangible result that you don’t always see in ministry. I play piano, saxophone and the guitar, and love anything techie (my iPhone) that can simplify my life. Bridgett and I also love travelling, movies, and spending time with people from my church.

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