Jonathan Reichenberger

to serve as

Lead Director

~Effective on 9/3/16~

Official Changing Lives Ministry Statement

We exist to see God changing lives through the freeing and inexhaustible power of the Gospel.

June 12, 2016 - Changing Lives Ministry today called Jonathan Reichenberger to serve as the ministry's second Lead Director; effective on September 3rd, 2016.  After searching internally within CLM and externally for someone to fill in the job, CLM could find no one better. Jonathan really understands every aspect of CLM.  From a theological standpoint, Jonathan matched with everything under the doctorinal beliefs of the ministry.  He also aligns with CLM traditional and contemporary style of music and format.  Lastly, he matches CLM's conservative standards.  Jonathan will continue the great work that is being done at CLM on a yearly basis and will strive to honor and glorify God with the leadership that he has been entrusted with.

Jonathan Reichenberger is no stranger to Changing Lives Ministry's online events.  He joined the staff way back in August of 2012 has served on CLM's leadership team since the very beginning. Jonathan knows the everything about CLM and has just done about everything from planning new series, to acquiring more staff, or simply working on putting slides on at CLM events.  He has done a wonderful job, and we feel that he will do a great job transitioning into his new position.

In assisting Changing Lives Ministry, Jonathan will provide direction and vision for the entirety of CLM. Jonathan will work with Dr. John Juneman (Guidance and Leadership Pastor) and Matthias Hargrave (Executive Director) on planning events, new ministries strategies, organizing new series, and maintaining the overall health of CLM.  He will also work with Jacob Skiles (who is the Director of Music) on some of the more liturgical side of CLM's program such as choosing scripture readings, prayers of confession, assurances of God's pardon, creeds, and announcements that correspond with the program and music. Lastly, he will strive to continue CLM's dedication to the Gospel and the Word of God.

Jonathan Reichenberger is 15 years old and is a student at The Potter's School.  His passion is to encourage as many young people like him towards Jesus as possible.  God has been so gracious about opening doors for CLM in expanding the ministry, and he is excited about what God will do in the years to come.  Most of his days are spent studying, doing homework, preparing for CLM, and practicing hours on the piano. His favorite subjects are math and English, and he enjoys reading a great deal.  He loves all kinds of sports, and used to play AAA hockey traveling nationally and internationally.  Addtionally, he has been a pianist for over 11 years.  On another note, one of the memorable experiences that he had was when he performed at the Carnegie Hall at the age of eleven.  He also has a dog and a parrot, and they are both dear to his heart.  He strives to glorify God in all he does.

Changing Lives Ministry and their staff are very excited for Jonathan Reichenberger's new position this fall.

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