2019-20 Student Leaders

We exist to see God changing lives through the freeing and inexhaustible power of the Gospel.

William Pledger


I am William Pledger (18), a senior and sixth year TPSer this fall. I live in Tampa and am proud to be Flogrown. I strive to help people and be an example of Christ every day. I enjoy playing or following sports, particularly baseball, jamming out on the piano and guitar, watching The Office or police shows, and trying to MacGyver life’s disturbances. I work as a baseball umpire, but aim to become a doctor one day and possibly use that as an opportunity for missions. I am excited to see what God will do through CLM this year to further His glory.

Email: william.pledger@changing-lives-ministry.com


Josiah DeBoer



Josiah DeBoer is an 18 year old with a passionate heart for ministry. While he has spent only two years with Changing Lives Ministry/TPS Chapel, he has been part of the church his entire life. While not working with CLM, DeBoer spends his time at an internship with a church in Gary IN. His hobbies include reading, writing, and spending time with people. Someday, he hopes to counsel for a living.

Email: josiahdeboer1@gmail.com

Eunice Tan

Selamat Datang! In case you were wondering, that’s how we say “hello” or “welcome” in Malaysia! I’m Eunice Tan, a 16-year-old Senior who just entered my seventh year with TPS this fall. As you have probably guessed, I was born and raised in Malaysia, although my family is of Chinese ethnic background. Not too long ago, my family and I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, bringing about a whole new cultural experience for me. During my free time, I love writing stories, watching musicals and movies, crafting original songs, writing for clay and my blog, playing lots of music, speech and debate, and travelling! My passion is to be a bridge for culture and diverse experiences to connect people all over the world in our single, shared mission in Christ. I can’t wait to learn and serve this year in CLM as Outreach Director!

Email: eunicetan03@gmail.com

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