We exist to see God changing lives through the freeing and inexhaustible power of the Gospel.

Eliza Tan


Hi! My name’s Eliza and I’m 17. I live in Malaysia and have been homeschooled since I was 8. I love photography, cinematography, film editing...basically anything to do with media. I also enjoy researching particularly on areas of biblical apologetics and discernment. With Christ at the center of everything, the world genuinely makes more sense, and things that have seemed important in the past truly pale in comparison with the abundance of a life lived in Him! My passion is to help others see things from a biblical worldview, because the Bible is relevant – even amidst our culture today, and the Word of God does provide answers.


Nathanael Chong


Hello! My name is Nathanael and I am 18 years old. I live in Malaysia and have started homeschooling when I was 5. I like writing, music, philosophy, and theology. I also play the piano, the guitar, and the violin. I love working on projects with my friends and fellowshipping. My passion is to reach out to others with the truth, especially through writing, and to help other Christians strengthen their faith.

Celeste Tan


Hi! My name is Celeste and I’m 18. I've lived in Malaysia my whole life and have been homeschooling since young. I'm an ambiverted nerd who likes reading, playing the violin and calligraphy. My passions are playing classical and Christian music, photography, writing and talking about serious topics; and I’m grateful He has given me many opportunities to do so. As an imperfect young Christian woman, God is constantly showing me new things to learn and new perspectives on life everyday, and I would be nowhere without Him. I thank God for placing me in this ministry, and am excited to see where God will lead us to in the future!

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