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Our Mission & About Us

We exist to see God transform lives through the liberating and inexhaustible power of the Gospel.

Run by many teens inside, CLM is quickly growing to become the largest teen-run ministry in the world. Their ministry, completely run online, has reached people from all over the world. Changing Lives Ministry has two major components to their ministry. The first part comprises of their weekly letter. Each week, the CLM staff—which consists of over 30 people from nine different countries: U.S.A., Russia, Ecuador, Malaysia, China, South Africa, Turkey, Uruguay, and England—rotate in writing a letter on a topic with a strong biblical base. CLM's hundreds of subscribers receive this letter through both email and Facebook.  CLM is home to The Potter's School's chapel service.  The Potter's School (TPS) has around 4,000 students from 4th-12 grade.

The second major part of CLM is its weekly live online gatherings on Saturday at 10 am EST.  CLM is official Chapel Service for The Potter's School (TPS). CLM and TPS Chapel hosts events such as sermon series on certain books in the Bible, and "Round Table" discussions, with well-known guest pastors and teachers such as Johnnie Moore, Chet Lowe, Rob Pacienza, Steven Ingino, Philip Ryken, Liam Goligher, Bryan Chapell, Sam Lamerson, Doug Sauder,
and many more.

CLM and TPS Chapel delights in presenting a very serious approach on the word of God and makes Christ the center of everything. But even though Changing Lives Ministry and The Potter's School Chapel is run by teens, they support and use both contemporary and traditional music. Contemporary music tends to appeal more to teens, but CLM and TPS Chapel feels the messages of traditional music are especially beneficial. Since CLM and TPS Chapel strives to host rich, theological discussion, they consider it very important to integrate both types of music into their meetings; each week's music varies from hymns to older contemporary to brand new songs.

CLM and TPS Chapel welcomes you to join them each week on Saturday at 10 am EST to witness their unique chapel service for yourself.  Join them. 

Changing Lives Ministry and The Potter's School welcome you and sincerely hopes you experience God's life-changing ways for yourself.