Dr. John Juneman

to serve as

Guidance & Leadership Pastor

~Effective on 9/3/16~

Official Changing Lives Ministry Statement

We exist to see God changing lives through the freeing and inexhaustible power of the Gospel.

May 21, 2016 - Changing Lives Ministry today called Dr. John Juneman to serve as the ministry's first Guidance & Leadership Pastor; effective on September 3rd, 2016.  After extensive thought and consideration, Changing Lives Ministry decided that they would need a pastor that could help guide them into the future.  After thinking over a few choices, they came to the wise conclusion that Dr. Juneman would be the right one to fill the position.  His sincere heart for guiding students in Jesus Christ was one of the prominent characteristics that Changing Lives Ministry greatly appreciated.  

Dr. Juneman is no stranger to Changing Lives Ministry's online events.  Since September 2014, he has spoken at six different gatherings and has helped lead CLM for Christmas, Easter, and other special events.  Though CLM has had many other guest pastors that spoke, Dr. Juneman had the most sincere and grateful heart for continued discipleship with all of the students at CLM.  As a ministry, CLM could not be more grateful for Dr. Juneman's service to God and to what God has called him to do in ministry.

In assisting Changing Lives Ministry, Dr. Juneman will provide guidance and help the leadership at CLM in planning events, securing an even stronger relationship with The Potter's School (TPS), providing the leadership with thorough theological advice, and teaching students at CLM events.   It is also important to note that Dr. Juneman's family, ministry (Life Message International Ministries), and his preaching travel schedule take priority.  However, he truly wants to help and serve at CLM as much as he can.

Dr. Juneman received the Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theology Seminary in 2004. As an ordained minister, he travels to groups and churches of various denominations throughout North America to share Jesus through the Word, facilitate discipleship, and nurture ongoing relationships. Dr. Juneman’s theme for life is that Christianity is not a solo race, but is about “running together” in Christ. As a part of this "running together," Dr. Juneman's ministry (www.lifemessageinternational.org) includes teaching courses that not only offer solid Bible content, but also teach students how to study the Bible academically and devotionally.  He also teaches Bible courses at The Potter's School (TPS). Dr. Juneman has a wide variety of experience in teaching various ages in multiple settings and levels of education. Dr. Juneman and Mrs. Juneman, began homeschooling their two children in 2000, and view the family as the first and highest calling in discipleship.

Changing Lives Ministry and their staff are very excited and look forward to officially welcoming Dr. Juneman this September.

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