Good Stewards of Our Time

July 18, 2017



Brothers and sisters in Christ,


Summer is dead time.  I want to stay in bed until 11, have breakfast for lunch, play a few hours of computer games, and then sleep until dinner.  Followed of course by TV watching and YouTube late into the night… and then repeating.  And after all, it is summer.  Theoretically, nothing can stop you from doing just that.  However, there is never nothing to do—in other words, there’s always something.  For you rising seniors, myself included, there are college applications to start thinking about, and portfolios to build.  Personally, I have instruments to practice, essays to write, and general chores and responsibilities to fill.  I speak to myself as well here, but during these empty months of summer, we often find ourselves slipping into a spirit of neglect and apathy.  Instead of giving into this, we should make an effort to do something productive every day—sure, take breaks.  But in reality, there’s no satisfaction in watching YouTube for hours on end.  Producing something towards an end is in itself a healthy and Godly thing to do.  Proverbs says (24:33-34) “A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest—and poverty will come on you like a thief and scarcity like an armed man.”  As this verse implies, we should be diligent, even in our free time, towards the end of production, and furthering our goals for the future.  We all want to sleep, but when we do it so much that we lose the drive towards our goals, we risk sin.  As we approach the coming school year, let us try to be good stewards of the time the Lord has given us, and attempt to do things which further His kingdom, or further our futures with the goal of serving Him.  Personally, this requires a sacrifice of addicting online games; getting up earlier, and praying for a good attitude each morning.  Let us pray for one another as we try to change not only our actions, but attitudes, towards work this summer.  Here’s to a fantastic end to the season!


In Christ,

Mark Lyford


Mark Lyford (17) is a staff writer at Changing Lives Ministry.  He is a senior at The Potter's School.

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