God's Immaculate Grace

October 3, 2017





Dear Friends,


God’s immaculate grace to us has set us who are Christians free from sin. Although we have been set free being a Christian in this world will be and seem very much harder than it was before we were Christians and that is because we have Satan and his forces trying to tear us away from God. He tempts us and makes us want to sin although we might not truly want to. Also he disguises it so that it might not seem like sin until we have done it. Satan is strong but we have God who is ever so much stronger and God has promised us that no one can ever snatch us from His hands no matter how hard they try.


This world has been getting worse especially lately but one thing that we should definitely not do is be haters of people because of their choices. We are told to love everyone and I think that that means loving people who are not Christians and who might seem, in our view, never able to be a Christian. By doing that we are saying that God is not omnipotent and that He cannot do anything. God can save anyone! Even the worst of sinners, take the Apostle Paul for example, he was persecuting the Christians and killing them left and right but God saved him and made him the apostle to the Gentiles.


I want to encourage you all to stay strong and love everyone although you might not want to. Talk to someone who always sits off by themselves, be a light to those in darkness, help those who need help, be joyful with those who are joyful and sad with those who are sad. What I am saying is be gracious to everyone around you because God has been so gracious to us.  God’s everlasting love for us has brought us who are Christians to salvation and we should love every single person we meet or see.


If you are not a Christian yet and you came across this website and decided to read this letter, I want you to realize just how amazing God is and how even you can be saved. As I have said, God’s love and grace for us was what made Jesus Christ die for us and for our salvation. He has saved us and will love us forever. Please do email us if you have any questions and we would love to talk with you but more importantly read the Bible and attending a good local church will mean you will have someone in person to talk to about any questions you might have.


In Christ,


Simeon Hargrave

Simeon Hargrave  (19) is a staff writer at TPS Chapel and Changing Lives Ministry

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