God's Plan

October 10, 2017




Dear Friends,


Today I thought I would talk about all the awful things that are going on or have happened in the last month. Unfortunately, people have lost their houses because of hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, flooding thousands of homes. There is also the shooting that happened in Las Vegas just last week.


But even though there are all these things going on around us in the world, we need to know that all things happen for God’s glory and there is a purpose in all the problems. At times, life might seem like God does not actually care about you and love you because there are so many bad things going on in the world. But, in fact, God does love you and things do happen for a reason no matter how horrible they may seem.


Let us know that the safety of God’s people shall be provided for, so in even the horrible things of the world, God’s people will always be safe. During the Lord’s second coming, the wrath of God will not be let loose until all believers have been hidden securely. However terrible the things are that come upon the earth, the believer’s Master will take care that no harm will come upon his soul. The important thing is to be ready, be awake!


We must know that God does rule the wind and the waves, and that he created them all. As the hymn says “Even the wind and the waves obey your will”. In all things we need to give God the glory.


Blessings in Christ,

Marc Hargrave - 15 years old

Marc Hargrave  (15) is on staff at TPS Chapel and Changing Lives Ministry

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