The Impact of Worshiping

November 14, 2017


Dear Friends,


Whether it is with CLM or a physical church near you, sometimes worshipping with fellow believers can feel like a routine.  Every week at the same time we sing songs and listen to teaching from the Bible.  Perhaps we learn something each time, but in the end, it can start to feel like the same thing each week. 


When church starts to feel like a routine, it can be easy to take the focus off what really matters.  Many people go to church each week and spend their time critiquing the song choice of the worship team or the sermon of the pastor.  Others find ways to disagree with their pastor or fellow members about certain doctrinal ideas or issues of Christian liberty.  This is especially true in churches or ministries where many different backgrounds are represented.  All of those things are important for a church, but they are not the reason we go to church.  We can have different preferences and ideas about any number of things in Christianity, but all of that is secondary to the Gospel.


It is an incredible blessing to be able to go to church without fear of persecution.  Many of our brothers and sisters around the world risk everything when they gather to worship the Lord.  When they do, they do not critique their church’s methods.  They are glad to be in the presence of the God who sustains them through difficult times. 


I hope that I will have an attitude like that the next time I go to church.  We should not focus on whether we know and like the songs that are played nearly as much as we focus on the one we are singing to.  We have the opportunity to communicate our gratitude to the holy God of the universe every time we sing.  Although we might not agree with every believer on every issue, we can remember that these people are our family in the Lord.  We all work for the same goal: the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  We will be with our brothers and sisters for a time on earth, but we will be with them forever in Heaven.  Keeping these big pictures in mind makes church seem much less routine.



Luke Kendall

Luke Kendall  (18) is a staff writer at TPS Chapel and Changing Lives Ministry and is a freshman at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

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