Redeem Me, O God

February 20, 2018


*Devotional Form


Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, I pray that You would show me by Your Holy Spirit what You want me to learn today. I pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.


Scripture Reading: Psalm 25:12-22


Short Analysis: The last half of Psalm 25 indicates that those who fear God have a friendship with Him. In the New Testament, we often think that that is where God starts having a relationship with those who call Him Savior. However, we already see that David has and even desires a deeper relationship with God. See, God wants to have a continuing relationship with us. We might ask as Christians: how does one continue to have a growing relationship with Christ? In verses 16-22 of Psalm 25, we see that David simply cries out to the Lord for forgiveness, graciousness, comfort, and redemption. We do not need to be eloquent with our words. Instead, God wants to just hear the cry our hearts. It is through our desperation that we realize that Jesus is the solution to both our eternal destiny and our everyday conflicts and struggle. Lastly, we see that David asks for redemption for the nation of Israel. In our modern day, we constantly need to ask God to redeem our nation, relationships, and our lives. After reading Psalm 25 as a whole, David takes us through the story of Gospel. He shows us his overwhelming sin that he is incapable of fixing. But then, David also shows us God’s overpowering grace that does not just fix us, but makes us a new creation.


Hymn of Response: Hallelujah! What a Savior | Bliss


Verse three: Guilty, helpless, lost were we; blameless Lamb of God was He, sacrificed to set us free: Hallelujah, what a Savior!


Closing Prayer: Gracious Father, I pray that the Gospel would mean more to me than I could ever ask or imagine. Forgive me of my past and present transgressions, guide me in Your strength, and help me live my life wholly unto You. Amen.



Matthew Reichenberger




Matthew Reichenberger (20) is the founder and Director of Ministry Development at TPS Chapel. He is currently a sophomore at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. 

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