Flashback Letter: Providence

April 17, 2018


Dear Friends, 


Providence. This is a word that we all love, but can sometimes grow discouraged to hear. As sinful human beings, it’s easy to get upset over plans that don’t go our way, especially for those who tend to plan out every little detail of their life. 

I do enjoy helping others, just in smaller ways. I love being around little kids, using my creative skills, and finding new opportunities. So accounting sounds completely wrong for me! And even though God placed me in this situation and it could still easily change, I still feel discontent and confused.

However, recently I have started to notice the little things that work out through God’s providence. For instance, while creating a spot for our landscape around our deck, we managed to have the perfect amount of brick edging that we had used previously. Also, I have been finding more time to do service project during my down time of summer! For such a long while, since I finished school really early, I got super agitated and bored; yet service projects kept popping up for me to help with. If God can fulfill little things like that, how much more so can He take control of our lives? What is best for us will reflect His glory, and as His people, shouldn’t we want that?

But my friends are going off to better places, I sometimes argue with myself, going to have a life, going to a good public or private college, making new friends, participating in new activities. I can’t leave that! My life will be boring and lonely.

These are often the kinds of doubts I have, because on occasion, it seems as if my world will fall apart and I will not be able to bear it. However, it’s true that all these bad things could happen, but what if they don’t? God could orchestrate amazing surprises for me while I am on this new journey in life. It goes for you too! God never fails us; He is the ultimate organizer, and things always come out according to His plans. All you can do is “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall make your paths straight” (Prov. 3:5, 6). When you and I trust in our own plans, abilities, or just plain selfish desires, we are placing ourselves on our own throne and trying to kick down God’s. Our King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Savior deserves far better than us screaming at Him like little children demanding that our wills be done. During this time of confusion all we can do is, pray, meditate, and seek wise and good fellowship.

God knows best, and we must let Him take control! You and I are not the creators of our own destiny. It was written way before the earth even began. We cannot change that, and someone far more powerful and worthy has you in His hands no matter what the situation is. Contentment is not always an easy thing to have, but all we need to do is ask for the help and remember that the grass is not always greener on the other side.  



Abby Fisher

Abby Fisher (20) is a former staff member at TPS Chapel

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