Vindicate Me, O Lord

February 5, 2019





Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, my desire is to know you more and to be used as an instrument of Your grace. Lead me in this study today. Amen.


Scripture Reading: Psalm 26:1-7


Short Analysis: The first word of Psalm 26 in the original Hebrew language is shâphat. One of the translations of shâphat to the English language means to judge. It is very interesting to note that David starts of this Psalm by asking the Lord to judge and even test him. In Psalm 25, David placed complete trust in God’s salvation for him. He knew that God was the answer to his sin. So when we read a passage like Psalm 26:1-7, we might venture to think that David’s theology went awry. Nevertheless, as we dig in to the background of David’s situation, we find that David is asking God to bless him for the many things that he was doing for God’s glory. David knew that he was sinful, but he was asking God to take note of the Godly intentions and desires that he was presenting in his everyday life. As Christians, we should have a genuine yearning to be one that seeks after God’s own heart. However, no matter how hard we try to glorify God, we find ourselves constantly (and oftentimes unconsciously) messing up on a daily basis. Though may we be tempted to become discouraged, may we continue to do everything for God’s glory and know that He sees those in Christ perfect, clean, and redeemed by the blood of the Lamb who was slain.


Hymn of Response: Object of My First Desire | Toplady
Verse one: Object of my first desire, Jesus, crucified for me; all to happiness aspire, only to be found in Thee.


Closing Prayer: Heavenly Father, giver of life: I pray that your love for me would transform me to love others unconditionally and to selflessly give as You gave. Help me to never forget your grace and favor so that I might live as a shining light for You. Amen.



Matthew Reichenberger




Matthew Reichenberger (21)  is the co-founder of TPS Chapel and a junior at Indiana University-Bloomington

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