We exist to see God changing lives through the freeing and inexhaustible power of the Gospel.

Daniel Wintill


Hi, my name’s Daniel Wintill. I’m a military brat, born in Texas (I call Texas home and am a proud Texan), and I have lived in England for 3 years, Florida for 7 years and Hawaii for 3 years. I’m currently living in Las Vegas. I am a Potter’s School student; I love God and am constantly amazed at His creation. I used to be a competitive swimmer, but due to shoulder injuries have tried out football and have started running. I’ll admit life’s hard at times with moves, but every time, God teaches me something new. I am constantly learning to trust God more.

Grace Mook


Hi! My name is Grace Mook. I’m a bubbly seventeen year old trying to live in this world and not of it.  “Love God, love people, love life,” is my motto. I am a student at The Potter’s School, and being somewhat of a “nerd,” I enjoy school immensely.   I share a house with six people and thirty-eight animals and love every single one of them. On a typical day you will find me intensely dancing for hours at a time, typing away on my latest short story, or attempting to apply my artistic talents for the
glory of God. 

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