We exist to see God changing lives through the freeing and inexhaustible power of the Gospel.

Sabrina Richline


Hey everyone- I’m Sabrina, a 18 year old from California.  I am currently a freshman at Covenant College (PCA) in Georgia. For almost three years, I’ve been serving God with my family in a bustling city in Uruguay (S. America). As an MK, I have had the humbling privilege of seeing God work to change lives in another country and language: an experience like no other! We've all been given a Hope that is begging to be shared with others, so let's strive every day, wherever we are, to live for Christ!

Joshua Richline


My name is Joshua Richline and I am 16 years old. I love to play sports, especially baseball and soccer. I am originally from California, U.S.A. But I have lived in two other countries besides U.S.A.. Costa Rica and Uruguay(\(\(\(the current country in which i am living). I lived in Costa Rica for one year to lean Spanish with my family. I have one brother, Isaiah, eleven years old, and two sisters, Julia, thirteen years old, and Sabrina, sixteen years old. My family and I are here in Uruguay as missionaries. I enjoy my life here in Uruguay.


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