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Changing Lives Ministry & The Potter's School Chapel uniquely embraces a traditional and contemporary style in music format.

Even though Changing Lives Ministry is run by teens, we support and use both contemporary and traditional music. Contemporary music tends to have more of an appeal to teens, but we feel the messages of traditional music are especially beneficial. We think it's very important to integrate both types of music into our meetings.  Each week's music varies from hymns to older contemporary to brand new songs.

In a online gathering, we will usually have a hymn that is conformed to a more modern version, a hymn that is solely traditional with choir and organ, and a regular contemporary song.  Intertwined in our songs are prayer, confession, assurance of pardon, scripture readings, and the Apostles' or the Nicene Creed.  We follow a praise/confession/assurance liturgical format while using a wide range of songs. 


We start off with welcome, announcements, and a call to worship or opening prayer that leads us into our song of praise.  Then, we pray in personal silence and in reading common words because our faith is both personal and communal — we belong to Christ and to one another. In the book of James, we read, “Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another that you might be healed.” So, we confess our sins, not because this earns our way back to God’s good graces, but because we are humbled by His steadfast love and faithfulness even with our sin in plain sight. Through faith alone in Christ’s work on our behalf, we’re set free from the fear of God’s judgment for our sin, as well as our own shame. Because of this, we worship through “confession and assurance” where we rediscover God’s grace, which makes it safe to be honest, real, and transparent about our moral failures and brokenness. And, we receive God’s Word of absolution by His grace because it's through Christ's death and resurrection that we hear and experience the words and embrace of reconciliation.  Following the assurance of pardon, we respond to the glorious news of the Gospel with a song of grace.  Because Christ has impacted our lives with his grace, we then follow with a prayer of thankfulness.  Then, we play a song of affirmation or the Doxology which affirms our belief in the risen Lord.  We then transition into the message and then follow the message with a song of response, closing announcements, and a benediction from the Word of God.


Changing Lives Ministry & TPS Chapel welcome you and sincerely hope you experience a CLM/TPS chapel service!

Samples of Worship Music at CLM & TPS Chapel

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